Christie Brinkley: Cut off 30% of NYC’s electricity

I know I shouldn’t expect rocket science out of a supermodel, but Christie Brinkley was on GMA this AM, fretting about how New York should go nuc-free.  I’m paraphrasing, but she said, “Japan highlights how dangerous nuclear power is, and how Indian Point nuclear power plant should be shut down if we want to preserve the NYC we love.” 

First of all, nuclear power wouldn’t be as dangerous if one of her men–Jimmy Carter–hadn’t stopped reprocessing of spent fuel in 1979.  That is what created the spent fuel problem that we have now.  90% of a spent rod is still reusable, only 10% is waste.

Second, and the best, is Brinkley is opening a broadway show on Friday– “Chicago”.  A broadway show requires  a lot of electricity to run, especially in non-efficient, non-flourescent lighting, and NYC gets 30% of its electrical power from the Indian Point NUCLEAR POWER PLANT!

Save the planet, Christie, shut down Broadway first.  Of course, she was appearing on TV in NYC, but I’m sure that didn’t require any electricity to produce.  Rumor has it that Chuck Norris was pedaling a bike backstage to generate all the power for the show.


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