Spending Cuts? Man up, America!

I don’t know about you, but when I propose a spending cut at home in my personal budget, it usually entails spending less next month compared to this month.  In Washington D.C. a spending cut amounts to this:  We are not going to spend as much next month as we were originally intending too, but it will still be more than this month!

I know people are busy, but we’ve got to stop this concept of “Yes, we’d like you to cut spending, just don’t cut medicaid, medicare, Social Security, or any welfare programs, or defense!!!”  Are we really just a bunch of children?  I’ve been saying it for a long time, but people won’t allow the budget to be cut surgically, in spite of what Obama says.  We need to cut the budget in the following way.

Just pick a percentage across the board, say 2%.  Every department has to REALLY cut 2% from next years budget.  They’re supposed to be professional people, let them carry out the cut where they see fit.  You tell me there is not at least 2% waste in every bureaucracy every year?  10 years of consecutive 2% cuts and you would see huge savings.  It would take the crabbing about “not cutting my program” out of the argument and might even lead to a feeling of shared work.

There are countless things the Federal Government is doing that it shouldn’t even be involved in, but we won’t get in to that now.  For now, we should at least just cut 2%, or 5%.  It requires little thought, less legislative language, and less media time than any other solution.


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