India Trip: Another Example of Why Obama’s Party Lost Tonight

Have you heard some of the details about how much President Obama’s trip to India will cost the taxpayer? You’d better be sitting down.

The plan calls for 40 airplanes to be used to take some 3000 people, including both Airforce 1’s, both Marine 1’s(probably for security reasons), but still 36 other planes! They are renting out the entire Taj Mahal(over 500 rooms) as well as some other 200+ rooms at other hotels. The bill for this trip is $200 million a day, for 10 days!!!

Is this what a President that cares about his country should be doing in an era of big deficits and a terrible economy? This is why the democrats are taking it on the chin tonight-pure elitism. They talk about the deficit and the environment and then hop on the jets and spend a truckload of cash. OUCH.

This is why the Tea Party folks are fed up. And yes, it ticked me off when Bush and Clinton did it too–except that neither of them came close to this!


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