Budget Ideas

I don’t know if you’ve heard about the budget that was put forth yesterday.  It’s typically rediculous–huge deficits, no restraint.  Here are a couple of ideas of mine.

1)Close the Federal Department of Education.  $69 billion dollar savings.  Did you know that it didn’t really even exist until the Carter administration?  Education can be controlled by the states much more effectively.  Most teachers hate the No Child Left Behind Law anyway, so this would do away with that.  The states that have well run education would attract people from other states, so this change would increase the incentive to have well run schools.

2)Most politicians don’t have the guts to allow cuts to their pet constituencies, so as I’ve always said,  freeze the entire budget this year(don’t even allow for inflation).   Then cut it 1% per year or 10% per year in each department, no differences, no sacred cows.  We need to shrink this budget and government or it’s going to swallow your kids and grandkids future.  Do you honestly believe there  isn’t enough waste in all of these departments?

I have many others, but don’t want to get into them all yet.  How about Homeland Security–another layer/duplication of stuff the FBI/CIA already does?  They haven’t necessarily proved to be too effective(underwear bomber on Christmas), so why are we paying them?  These budgets have got to get under control before they jeopardize our kids and grandkids futures.  Let me know what your ideas are.


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