Obama is going to help you get a job?

Supposedly tonight in the State of the Union speech, Pres. Obama is going to talk about jobs, jobs, jobs.  All of the sudden he’s not that concerned about healthcare, but does care about the overall state of the economy.  Any President probably gets too much credit and too much blame  for the economy, except when it comes to raising or lowering taxes and creating a favorable business environment.

This President doesn’t care one lick about the private sector, the area where most of us work and the major creator of jobs, especially small business.  Did you know that only 3% of his cabinet has any private sector experience?  That is the lowest of any modern day president.  Obama and all of the people around him have only worked for government–it’s all they know!!  Him(and them) talking to us about private sector job creation(and the conditions favorable to the economy as a whole) is like me telling you ladies out there what pregnancy and childbirth are all about!  Just for the record, I’m not going to attempt to comment about pregnancy or childbirth, lest it just get me in trouble….

Did you know that government jobs and healthcare are the only two sectors of employment that experienced growth last year?  Government jobs actually realized sizable increases in overall pay too.  I can confirm to you that healthcare did not experience that same increase…    If you listen to the President’s speech, just remember that he is commited to advancing union and government jobs only, because both secure votes for him and his party for years to come.  He does not care about entrepreneurism or small business.


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