Another Obama speech? Just what we need

Since the Democrats got upset in Massachusetts last week, they have been postulating what they’re doing wrong.  Of course, they think it has nothing to do with the progressive policies they promote or the takeover of healthcare.  They’ve decided they are just not getting their message out!  I think their message has been heard loud and clear, that’s why people were marching in the street last fall and showing up at the townhalls in droves. 

Get this, Obama gave 411 speeches and 158 exclusive interviews in his first year!!!  If that is not getting the message out–what is he going to do this year, 800 speeches?  Give me a break.  This guy has had fawning media helping him along for the last 2 years.  His message stinks–progressive and unconstitutional.  Beware of the words of “government help and stimulus” in the  State of the Union tonight.


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