Brown wins, Olympia Snow votes with Democrats?

I’m writing this before the outcome of the Mass. Senate race is known, but everyone is talking about what happens next based on that race.  If Brown wins, many are saying Healthcare reform is done.  Of course, we know things don’t die that easily.  I would love for that to be true, but my fear is that Brown will win and the Pres. will buyout Olympia Snowe’s vote with some “Pine Tree State payola”, similar to what Mary Landreu and Ben Nelson got, and  we’ll be right back to where we are.  The Democrat’s seem hellbent on passing this reform and I’ve heard that Obama has talked to Snowe each of the last two days.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens, and if  I’m right, I think they will live to regret it.  One reason they still want Snowe or some other Republican is that then they can say “Healthcare reform was a bipartisan effort.  God help us all…


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